Community Recycling in Calumet County




Wisconsin’s recycling law bans certain materials from being thrown away in landfills or incinerators, including newspapers, cardboard, magazines, paper, aluminum containers, steel containers, glass bottles and jars, a variety of plastic containers, steel cans, and tires. These items can be disposed of in your residential curbside recycling container.

Other items that must be recycled are vehicle batteries, household appliances, motor oil and filters, electronics and yard wastes like grass clippings and leaves. Visit our page,"What should I do with?" for additional resources on some of these items.

Calumet County Recycling programs are managed by your local municipalities.

Most of these local municipalities contract with Advanced Disposal for collection. Pick up and service questions (such as for a broken recycling or garbage container) should be directed to your local municipality or to Advanced Disposal at 920-458-6030.

The entire City of Appleton receives recycling services from the Outagamie County Recycling Program, while the City of Menasha is served by the Winnebago County Recycling Program.