‚ÄčCommunity Recycling in Calumet County

Calumet County offers several Electronics and Appliance Events throughout the year for county residents. At these events, residents can bring their unwanted electronics and appliances for disposal through one of our vendors (some fees may apply). 

These events offer an environmentally friendly alternative to residents for the disposal of their unwanted electronics and appliances. This program not only reduces the amount of materials being sent directly to the landfill, but it also reduces the potential of toxins from electronics and appliances entering the environment. 

During our 2018 events, we were able to collect over 34,000 pounds of material, and we look forward to having another excellent year in 2019. For information about our programs and the event schedule, please follow the links below.

Electronics and Appliance Events

If you have a working refrigerator or freezer and would like to get paid to dispose of it, please go to the Focus on Energy website for details.

*Eligibility requirements do apply.

Additional Appliance Recycling Opportunities:

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